Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Instant Webservice (API) publishing - Features of Bee

One of the cool features of our Multichannel Core is its ability to publish content in structured format. Structured data can then be interpreted by any third party application or website. This effectively allows content publishers to publish their own APIs without programming.

Bee serves the data as the RESTful JSON webservice. Bee also wraps the content with the default API methods which can be used to perform basic operations with the content. Developers can further extend these basic methods and enhance API with custom functionalities.

For example - a restaurant could use instant webservice publishing to distribute its menu, opening hours and contacts to third party applications (such as various recommendation services).
Creating such API for this restaurant is simple. Just select the JSON as the output channel in the Page Editor and Drag&Drop all the data that you want to publish to the page. That's it.:)

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