Monday, February 6, 2012

CMS for Agencies

We created Bee with one specific goal – to help interactive agencies deliver groundbreaking web experiences.

Agencies are usually the first to pick up on emerging technologies and trends and push the boundaries of the existing ones further. We believe that if we can support them with a solid and flexible backend, they can focus on the creative side of the web and push the limits even further. The whole feature set of Bee has been created with this goal in mind.

The Backend

Bee is fully hosted CMS with highly scalable and reliable hosting at multiple cloud providers to ensure high availability. The technology behind Bee allows us to serve webpages very, very fast. You no longer need to worry about infrastructure or struggle with the servers and databases.

The Frontend

We know that agencies love to experiment with new technologies, so we made it very simple to integrate them into your projects. Use any API enabled cloud service or HTML 5, JS, CSS framework of your choice. On top of that, all development inside the CMS is done with HTML and JavaScript - technologies very well known to any web developer.


Many today's web experiences require more than one channel. Bee has unique Multi-channel Core that allows to publish the content virtually anywhere. This saves you time and your clients have single interface for all their content publishing needs. Publishing to social networks, mobile apps or webservices has never been easier.

Client / Developer separation

Clients have separate access to the CMS and you have total control over what they can see or modify. The same applies for developers. You can grant access to a specific project or just part of it. So if you have a freelancer working on just small portion of the project, you can allow him to work only on that part and see nothing else.


With each Bee plan, you get number of what we call - Active project slots. The word Active means that there's an Active development going on the project. We know that sometimes the projects have been muted or postponed. If this is the case, you can mark the project as Inactive. The project will remain hosted for free and it won't occupy the Active slot anymore so that you can replace it with the project that is live.

You always pay only for projects that make you money.

Easy to use

We've also paid special attention to create a user interface that is easy to use. The unique inline tutorials help beginners with the basic tasks so that they can learn the system very quickly. Inline editing with live page editor is foolproof and very easy to use.

We are working hard to finish the CMS, but in the meantime, you can explore more of Bee's exciting features. Very soon we'll bring you more in-depth look at some of them.

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