Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Improve customer satisfaction through multichannel marketing

Multichannel marketing isn’t just about reaching customers through different channels with a consistent message. The message also has been aligned with customer behaviour at different stages of marketing funnel. This can significantly improve customer's satisfaction.

Customers prefer doing different things through different channels. Some like to buy online, some of them are afraid of it and are willing to spend hours with online research only to buy things offline (in retail store). Knowing what channels your customers prefer in the marketing funnel may help you improve customer satisfaction.


Look at the example above. It shows how selected customer group is using channels throughout the marketing funnel. Customers are happy to discover (awareness stage) the product via Google, but would feel bothered if contacted directly by the company's sales department.

They consider the purchase by further researching with Google or by asking friends on Facebook. On the third stage (conversion) you can see that they prefer making a phone call to buy the product. At the same stage you can see that the customers are not keen to make the purchase/conversion via Facebook.

But what would happen if the company above put the shopping cart ONLY on their Facebook page? This would not automatically mean that users would not buy anything, but it would certainly mean that they would feel uncomfortable while doing so. As a result, their satisfaction level with the process may be much lower than if they had an option to use the channel they prefer.

Knowing behaviour of your target group will help you to decide which channel to use at which stage of the marketing funnel.

How to do it?

Managing content through many channels and keeping it consistent is challenging. Thankfully Bee's multichannel core is ready for this task. It allows distribution of content virtually anywhere and it's extremely easy to keep it consistent with live preview of how it will look when rendered.

Checklist for improving customer’s satisfaction:

  • Know your target group’s most and least preferred channels in each step of the marketing funnel.
  • Focus only on the channels that makes sense for your business.
  • Don’t force users to use channels they feel uncomfortable with.

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