Friday, January 13, 2012

Features of Bee - Live Editor

Painless content editing

Bee's innovative live editor takes advantage of the Multichannel Core and enables you to work with live content for any channel you want. We’ve worked very hard to create solution that is both easy to use and still extremely powerful.

Bee's live editor

Draggable components

Components are the basic building blocks used in the Bee. They can be virtualy anything – Titles, Tables, Images, Galleries, Maps, Mashups, Forms. Developers can easily build their own components using only JavaScript and HTML.

All you need to do is choose the component from the library, drag it onto the page, drop it and fill the content.

Drag and drop components to page

Drag&Drop content editing

The same principles applies when arranging content on page. Drag and drop components on the page to reposition them.

Rearranging paragraph on the page

Customize content per channel

The heart of the Bee is it’s Multichannel Core. It allows publishers to distribute content anywhere – to a website, app, tablets, mobile, social networks etc. Doing this would be a pain without the tool that actually allows you to see your content in live preview. Fortunately Bee allows you to preview content for any channel.

On top of that, if you don’t want to publish the same content everywhere, you can customize it per channel. The customization can be made on component level, so that you don't need two versions of the same page only because you want to change one paragraph in one of the channels. See picture below for the example of such case.

Bee allows live preview and editing of any channel

Stage and Live environments

Bee allows you to work safely behind closed doors in the staging mode. Only authorized users can access the page in this mode. Safely prepare the content, collaborate over it or develop new features. Whenever you’re satisfied with your results, publish it to the live version with a single click.

Disclaimer: All screenshots are from Alpha version of the system. The screens may change in the first public release.

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