Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Multichannel inside out

One of the key features of Bee is its Multichannel core. It allows publishing and managing content for multiple channels. Here are the main features:
  • Built in channels – Bee comes with pre-installed channels that you can start using instantly. These channels includes – Facebook, Twitter, JSON API, Mobile web, Desktop web, Tablet web.
  • Create your own channels – Multichannel core is easily extendable with new channels.
  • Multichannel Content management – Distribute content across channels. Content can be customized per channel.
  • Live edit and Templates – Each channel has one or more templates assigned. This allows our live editor to always show how the content will look to end users.
All features so far are about pushing the content OUT of the Bee to respective channels. But multichannel core allows you to bring the multichannel experience to publishers. Bee allows publishers to push content INTO the system via multiple channels. And again, if you’re not satisfied with the pre-installed channels, you can easily add your own.

We call this Multichannel inside-out!

If you have questions feel free to use the comments.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Announcing the Bee - multichannel content management system as a service

Web content management for creative professionals

Bee is a multichannel web content management system, built from scratch with one goal – to allow digital agencies deliver real multichannel experiences for their clients. All the features and principles were created with this goal in mind.

  • It’s easy to extend, with extremely fast learning curve.
  • It takes all the IT burden off the creative people and lets them focus on what they do best
  • It’s easy for the clients to keep their content up to date